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2001-08-23 12:49:20 (UTC)

I'm Almost in Lagos

Tomorow we are travelling to Lagos. Finally!! I mean this
whole summer I've been locked up at home (besides summer
camp) on the net bored to death. I'm finally going bak home
to see my friends. But all the luxury will be over as
school starts Monday anyways.

I have a total new look for school. I hope people like it
this year. I'm sure Jacob will be blown off his chair.
hehehe I mean he liked me the way i was before so if he
liked me then, he's going to like me now! But I don't look
forward to going out with him or anything. I want to be
single this year so I can flirt with ALL the boys, not just
one because you get tired. And this time I have an
opportunity with all the older guys because me moving into
Middle School I can talk to the 9th and 10th graders and
all. That'll be so cool.

I miss all my friends. You know I always thought my chiks
never liked me like as a best friend, but I was talking to
them today on MSN and they where acting so nice, the nice
you want.

Today I haven't done much. I just hang around while my
parents do me and my sisters bag. But my sister wanted me
to Put MY makeup on her and my parents said i had to watch
my sister and all. But at least i made her pretty. HEHEHEHE
i'm good at makeup i take ugly people and make them the
prettiest kind ever!! But my sister is very beautiful. She
has that kind of beauty that makes you stop and look at
her. I'll stop bragging. *laughs*

I miss Max *sigh* just saying his name drives me mad. I
talked to Tarun today and he said Max was really in love
with me when we went out. But now he had to leave to Spain.
SO i don't see him for another year. But its like that.
SUmmer love isn't day to day love. Its for summer. And my
summer is ending and so is Max and me. But he was gorgeous

Heres me and taruns conversation::

Me: So what'll happen if i want to go out with another guy
and I can't tell max? You have to help me here tarun!!
Tarun: I don't care what you do. Just do me a favor, and
don't break his heart. He was so happy with you. And he
really liked you!
(When I read this i nearly fell of the chair)
Me: Wow he liked me that much??
Tarun: That much. did you??
Me: Of course, I always thought i liked him more than he
liked me!
Tarun: Nope. He liked you alot. When he emails you you'll
see how much he liked you. He's much open in his email. Hey
i have to go, okay??
Me: Okay bye bigboy. HugsAndKisses

That was a nice conversation eh? hehehehe
I have to go because mom wants me to help her with the bags.