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2002-11-29 18:34:24 (UTC)


Well I have been a fan of the disney movie titled
NEWSIES for 4 years now, but a recent craze has befallen
me and now I am finding myself in obsessed love with the
movie and its characters once again.

Newsies is based on actual events that occurred in 1899
New York when hundreds of Newsboys went on strike against
Joseph Pulitzer when the newspaper giant jacked up the
prices of the papers.

The movie is a musical and has great songs in it which
I adore such as "King of New York" and "Carrying the
Banner". Amongst the talented cast are Christian Bale
(American Psycho, Reign of Fire) and Gabriel Damon
(Robocop 3). Just on a side note, Gabriel Damon plays the
infamous leader of Brooklyn called Spot Conlon, and he is
indisputably HOT HOT HOT

Now I'm dancing to the catchy melodies and singing
along with the clever lyircs This movie ROCKS I love it.

As far as my life goes, I'm writing a novelette which I
hope to publish earlier next year. I am quite pleased
about the way it is going thus far. The language presents
vivid imagery and it is as if I am writing at a college

Speaking of colleges, I visited Florida State
University the other day I fell in love with the place
It was so beautiful; the architecture has a sort of gothic
look. The particular residence hall where I plan to reside
within has the look of an ancient castle It was great
The campus even has their own CIRCUS Imagine that

And now on a more personal note, my spirit is at war
with the principalities that drain the lives of this
world. Yesterday I spoke with a boy my age who has made
many attempts to end his life. It greatly saddened me and
I pray that he is in better moods today.

til next time