I never wanted a desk job...
2002-11-29 17:01:53 (UTC)

Dull, dull Friday

Why the hell did I volunteer to work? That I do not know.
Oh well, I rearranged my 'area' to make things a little
more private (and so the fact that I'm surfing the internet
instead of working isn't so obvious...hehe), so that's
pretty nice, but now it's only 10am and I'm bored.

My Thanksgiving was allright, this was the first year I
didn't go visit my parents, since I had to come into work
today. So I made my first Thanksgiving dinner It was
pretty cool; just used the turkey we got free from Holiday
Inn and made some stuffing. M had to be to work at 4, so I
tried my darndest to get it done so he could eat before he
left, but no such luck, dammit. So I finished up the
dinner, ate a little, and then saved everything for when he
got home at 9:30. Not what I wanted to happen, but oh
well At least the dinner turned out well, I was happy
about that. Thanksgiving has never been the most exciting
holiday for me; I prefer Christmas.

Anyway, not a hell of a lot to say today...I'm going to go
at noon and go donate plasma; need beer money for this
weekend Then I'll come back here for a couple more hours,
and then go home. What jolly good fun. Y'all have a good