Mars Hotel
2001-08-23 06:51:00 (UTC)

Ramblings in a State of Confusion

After a great pain,
comes a great death.
My death.

So lost, so lost.
The dehydrated man
with sand covering his hair
and mouth...
his clothes tattered,
his eyes blinded by the storms,
his skin dry as the desert
he walks on.
Groping aimlessly towards salvation...

So torn, so torn.
As if my own body were nothing
but a piece of cloth.
The starting point being the
base of my neck.
A giant man's hands reach to grab me.
And rip me into two equal beings.

I am lost.
I am torn.

About what inquires the mind...

I wish to curl up.
I wish to curl up
and die.

I wish to walk out
to walk out in the sun
and smile for a change.

I wish to God there was a
hole in the wall.
To escape from everyone.
Selfishly, to want people to
wonder about my disappearance.
To actively seek me out and
pour forth their pity upon me.

I want to be your text-book case.
Study all day, sleep all night.
Eat very little, study
Concentrate on nothing,
get almost no sleep.

To hide.