Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-08-23 06:48:57 (UTC)

thanks willy!

yeah, now its 17 more days, thanks for reminding me of the
countdown, seventeen whole freaking more days, i can wait,
there is so much i want, but i dont have the $, not many
people do, esspecially with school coming up, so i have
made the plan to lye on the floor of my bedroom wallowing
in myself, until someone takes me and pulls me from my
misery and makes me do something, that cost little to
nothing. yeah i want a party, but for some reason, ever
since my x-mas party, freshman year, when we fit 5 people
on a 2 person love seat, honest, i have pics! Last yeahs b-
day, all my family ignored that we were having a party the
day after my moms wedding, year before, no one showed up, i
think i invited like, 50 people, and 10 came, maybe not
even that if you disclude family, and freshman year, i
couldnt have a party, cause i had just moved here and my b-
day was the first day of school. and when i was younger, my
mom tried planning so many surprise parties, but somehow i
always knew, or ruined them by walking in at the wrong time
so i caught people standing around chatting.
my mom says she has something planned for this year, but i
dont know if she is telling the truth or pulling my leg, i
think its pulling my leg! DRESS!!!! DRESS!!DRESS!!DRESS!!