mizz heidi'z th0ughtz
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2001-08-23 06:29:23 (UTC)

mizz heidi just simply freestylin her th0ughtz - day 1

well w0w. finalli g0t myself an 0nline diary. first day and
everything. what happened t0day.. i met a guy yesterday. by
the name 0f justin pedriquez.. straight 0utta s0. kal. he's
realli awes0me.. i like him a l0t.. i met him thr0ugh my
best frenn jayden als0 fr0m d0wn there.. he's everything..
cute.. funnii.. sweet.. nice.. g0sh. i'm realli feelin his
style.. 0n the 0ther hand.. 0ver here in n0rth kali.. i
have this 0ther great guy. wh0 isnt realli interested i
d0nt think.. he's c00 and all. sweet.. nice.. drivez..
cute.. funnii.. but he just d0esnt seem interested.. and
with justin i feel that little tingly feeling.. like y0r
st0mach g0in flip fl0p.. ion0 why i'm even getting inv0lved
again.. i mean after will, my first b0ifrend.. first l0ve.
first everything.. left mee, i said i'd never get inv0lved
again.. but here i g0. anyway. s0 much f0r day 1 0n
freestylin my th0ughtz. till the next entry..