Wandering Thoughts
2001-08-23 06:06:03 (UTC)

August 22nd 2001

"I'm not running away from you. I don't like you. I don't
like what you say, and I don't like the way you talk about
my friends. I know what you're thinking: here's this poor,
repressed faggot from the boroughs who needs to get laid,
and you know what? You're right. But I don't like you. And
if you follow me back into that party, I'm gonna tear off
your arm and beat you down the fucking street with it.
Goodbye, and goodnight."

Well, I had the worst night I've ever had before. I
couldn't sleep. Not even if my life depended on it. I
kept shutting off the computer and then laying in bed.
Then i kept getting up and turning it back on, because I
couldn't stand the tossing and turning. I tried
everything. Flipping upside down on the bed and even going
downstairs to try the couch. It sucked so hard! Well I
called Brian around 11:30 to hang out. I was pretty
delirious to be honest I can't really remember the whole
day. We put some movies and lots of MP3's on my laptop.
Actually Brian did it. (Thanks Briny) My dad called my
cell phone and started freaking out saying i was suppose to
be home for dinner. Then hung up on me. I decided to go
home, just to not start anything. I mean, why ruin
everything when I only have a week left. I have been
really depressed lately. I think its so bad only because
I'm PMSing. LOL, dont tell anyone. hehhehe. The only
thing I ate today was a strawberry filled waffle, some
chocolate, and some popcorn. Healthy huh? Well i better
go, I have to get up early to go with Briny to MTV for his
internship interview. Oh I finally got to talk to Melinda
(bri's ex). On the computer. It went well, I would say.
She complains a lot. Hehehe. I was very nice to her,
could've made some stabs, but I suppose I will be the nice
person I strive to be. I did get a couple good ones in.