The Calamari Files
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2002-11-29 10:21:15 (UTC)

She lived like a murder how she'd fly so sweetly.

Sheesh, i haven't got up at half eight in a while.
Bit of a rough night's coughing and swallowing and wincing
and so on. But i feel pretty good this morning, had a nice
wash and i don't feel scummy or hot or anything, it's all
good. throats still being an arse though, and the mucus
factor is high. ho hum.

just found `dune` the book, which i had nearly finished
before i went to uni, so i'm giving that a bit of a read,
should finish it this weekend. today will have to be
dedicated to getting some serious work done, namely a 1500
word essay on voices in literature. never good.

im having some serious Soundgarden love at the moment,
possibly my favourite band ever. Bought Superunknown on
saturday you see, it's tipped me over the edge. Like
Suicide is such a beauty of a song, nice lyrics and then a
nice bit of guitar action towards the end.

but enough of my rambling, i'll report back at the end of
the day with my excuse as to why i didn't end up starting
the essay after all. sigh.

toodle pip.