Magenta Quinn

Ya really wanna know what I'm thinki
2002-11-29 09:01:25 (UTC)

Happy Turkey Day

Hey kids,

Well, what can I say about sucks, I hate
it and I hate celebrating it. I'm no "Indian" nor Pilgrim.
( Do Pilgrims still exist?? ) What signifigance is this day
to me?? My turkey day wasn't happy nor crappy, it was just
another day, with a buncha food and tasty pie. That's all
And we didn't even have turkey, I was so disappointed. TC's
such a fuckin hick, he cooked BBQ pork ribs and a giant ham
for Thanksgiving. I don't eat pork, but it's cool though,
my mom came to the rescue. She bought me some KFC on her
way home from work the night before, so that made my meal a
bit better. No booze, I was once again disappointed. What's
a holiday without somebody gettin drunk and why not have
the somebody be me?? Well not drunk, just get a really good
buzz goin. Ok, I don't wanna talk about it anymore, I'm
hittin the sack.

G'night kids,