It smells like poop over here
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2002-11-29 06:31:58 (UTC)

fuck you to the holidays

let's start from the start. i get up around 9, do my usual
routine, then head out to work. i pick up annie, cause she
needed a ride. so i work, and it's fun, i get a lil mad at
lauren, cause she was being annoying, but i still love her.
(as a friend you fuck). joe was blabbing about whatever,
and so i says, "sean, you got 5 bucks?" he says "yeah" so i
said to joe "you wanna make 10 bucks?" course he says
yeah. "think you could drink a gallon of milk in an hour?"
he snags a gallon of milk and chugs. it's like 10 minutes
into the hour and he's got it more than halfway gone. im
like "shit, he's gonna do it" he walks off to do something
and comes back like 15, 20 minutes later. "i can't finish
anymore of that milk, i'll yak." we had established a no
puking rule. so he paid me and seldom sean our 5 bucks.
over the day, i had made 3 bucks in tips, so i
scratched a lil off a lottery ticket and i saw a "V" at the
bottom. the letters are codes for if the ticket is a winner
or not. a "V" means $25, so i bought it and i was $31
dollars richer. ($5 from joe, $23 from the lottery cause
the ticket cost $2 plus my tips) so i had $34 bucks when i
walked outta the store. i made a hefty profit, plus i had
beat the system by cheating to win the lottery, and i got
holiday pay for being at the store. holiday pay is $2 extra
an hour. word.
so i get a strip steak and some turkey, cause i was
gonna go home, sit alone and eat a turkey samich and a
steak for my thanksgiving dinner. if im eating alone, might
as well eat what i like. plus it was t-giving so i had to
have some turkey. im getting home, and so is mom. so i jet
out and make some sandwhiches in my car. my thanksgiving
dinner was sandwhiches i ate in my fucking car. that's
shitty. i guess only have myself to blame, brandon invited
me to the alger owners family gig, but i declined. what a
good guy. and nick invited me over, that kid's like family
to me, he's my bro.
i eat my turkey sandwhich, and head up to meijer to
buy a present for kate's b-day. i get this dave matthews
live DVD, some pajama pants cause they're comfortable as
hell and everyone should have them; and a bottle of fake
champagne. cost me $33.62 (change might be wrong). so i had
made just enough flow to get kate some decent gives. i hope
she likes them. after that, i headed to nicks house.
obviously, i couldn't go home, and i wanted to see my boy.
we had quite the night ahead of us.
im at nick's, we chill, watch some TV, i eat some real
turkey, mashed tatoes and stuffing. it was bomb, his mom
rocks. she's another mom of mine, along with rich's. i love
em both. his family leaves, and me, his mom, aaron (his
bro), nick and his mom's friend all just chill and talk
about whatever. we're shooting the shit. i think his mom's
friend (she was young) might have liked me, she kept
looking at me, and coming into whatever room i was in. but
she was on the phone with whoever and says "i love you" so
whatever. me and nick head up to the blockbuster to get a
movie "insomnia" he bought me a pack of smokes, even though
i "quit" on monday. oh well, shit happens. we head back,
rich and bill come over. we watch smackdown (totally sucked
ass, worse smackdown EVER) and then pop in insomnia. dave,
tom, laura and and dave's cousin call me up to...gotta go,
dave, laura and kate are here. we're gonna grab some grub.
bbl. PEACE

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