humming bird

my F***ed up head
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2001-08-23 05:07:12 (UTC)

i hate it

i am gong out with hank now... god i havent written in a
long time.... ok me and matt broke up becuz well i didnt
make time for him, simply put it is all my fault that we
broke up and we both hate it that we ever did break up bc
we felt the exact same way about eachother.... seriously i
was falling in love with him, in the short month and half
that we went out i seriously started to fall in love with
him..... god i started from that one day at dustins when i
actually met and talked to him for the first time, i dont
know why but both of us were like instantly attracted to
echother.... but ok soo i am going out with hank now ok and
nikki is goingout with kyle and we met these guys thru
samis boyfriend frankie oh yeah by the way sami just gave
frankie head tonight!!!! lol but that has nothing to do
with this but o so i am goingout with hank and nikki with
kyle and yeah blah blah blah the only reason i am even
attracted to hank is sexually like just to do stuff with
him but he tells me all the time how beautiful i am and how
much he likes me and it just confuses me.... and kyle told
me tho other night that he thought he was falling in love
with nikki and that right now she was the most important
person to him and i started to cry.. i cired becuz i could
have that with matt....that is what i had with matt and god
it could take two seconds to have it again. everyone told
us how perfect we were for eachother and how cute we were
and those were just the extra benefits i got from that
relationship. i was happy just being with him... but i am
with hank now right and i mean i like him and all i just
miss matt and i am so afraid that i am gonna have classes
withhim cuz if i do then i know i will fall for him all
over again..... but i dunno what to do so for now i am just
chillin...... but yeah oh yeah and by the way matt nowa has
screweed jessie twice so far this summer but hey shes a
whore and hes a guy so it's all good but i dunno whatever i
am gonna go i just had to get that outta me, k bye bye