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2002-11-29 05:42:07 (UTC)

The baby

This Journal has become my only souce of venting. I have
come home on Thanksgiving night in apprehension, knowing
that he has taken a bunch of things out of the apartment.
He has taken his entertainment system AND the one in my
daughter's room. Who uses two DVD players at once? Yes I
know it is his and he has every right to take it But my
daughter for christ's sake...I feel like this is being
taken out on her. We got into an argument over having his
petifile brother in my house and he says its not a big
deal? Sure, not a big deal to kill you and him when I
find out something has happened to my daughter. Common
sense? He is a fuck. I cannot believe I am having a child
with him...He could give a shit about the baby and I
should have known better. Its all about him. I prayed to
god to give me a sign, to let me know if I was doing the
right thing. I became pregnant soon after. Am I defying
God and his will by kicking James out? Should I make it
work? He has pictures, mind you yes they were clothed, of
his step sister's chest in a low cut sweater, and another
of her husband kissing her butt, but not a quick peck.
This was full on loving the ass pic, ok? He says it was
funny, I said that is your sister and you treat her as
such Why in god's name would you send your brother a
pic of yourself like that in either pose?? His OTHER real
sister sent him copies in case he didn't get them from the
other sister. Please, Does anyone BUT me see a problem
with that? Oh, man, what was I thinking? This is the same
man who married his second cousin and had a baby with too.
??????what?????? Hey, he told me it is all in my head to
be taking things to this extreme HA

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