a rop through my mind....
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2002-11-29 05:32:28 (UTC)

things just manage to somehow work, or something like it..........

well............what's new?

back went out again, spent time in the er on sunday after i
got back from chicago (family thing), and spent like 2.5
hours in the airport and 2 on the plane with back spasims,
and fighting with my roommates (jim-da boy, and his roomie
marcus) about going to the er and finally giving
in...missing jim....*sigh* home, turkey day was
pretty good, not much new....just the usual, semester
almost over, this is one long sentance, i should update (or
is more rant usually?) more often....yeah, um, hrm....sick
of being in pain....not much fun...we have snow :):):) i
hate being an invalid of sorts, kinda anoying, but yeah,
painkillers taking over lj sleepy, so i'm gonna kinda go to

i'll fill you in soonish