Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-11-29 05:21:42 (UTC)

Turkey Day Turkey Day Gobble Gobble

I just spent about an hour on Xanaga looking for peoples
entries about my band. I found 6 people that had written at
some point about us and 3 of them I don't know. And I know
thats not alot but it still gets me giddy. I want this
dream to finaly become reality and everyday it's closer but
it wouldn't be anything without people liking my band. So
when I see people with our shirt on, or meet people that
like my band, read peoples journals, read peoples favorite
bands lists, see our sticker on someones car and
esspecially when I get in peoples cars and they have to
take out my CD to put in something else I get really
excited. I am thankful for you people...I am thankful for
the talent, and for the band. I know that without God none
of this would be possible at all. No one I know could have
orchestrated this Rock Machine remotely as good and God did
(does). I am also thankful for my family(eventhough it's
hard for me to realize that sometimes) and most definitly
my friends. I have 3 best friends. why?? I don't know? But
I do and I love them so much. Katelyn, Jessica, and Jon.
Thank you for keeping me sane and listening to my every
word even my stupid ones. crying, laughing, cudling, and
holding my cut hand so I don't bleed to death. I love you

Anywho Other than that I am taking applications for my wife
or just dating partner: I am looking for a hot, smart,
Goldy woman(19 ) with a good sense of humor(sarcasm is
favored). I perfer blonde curly hair, skinny, tall, and
such but I do not discriminate.....and I want her to have
good taste in movies and music. email for a list from me.

I love being a dork

have a great night