Elizabeth Johnson

Beth's Thoughts
2001-02-04 03:08:41 (UTC)

2-4-01 Well, it s been a while!..


Well, it's been a while! I have been busy so I haven't had
a lot of spare time to come in and really write. Chris and
I are doing great! We've been together for 2 months goin on
3. It's great! Sara stood me up tonight. We had plans and
she didn't show or call. I'm ticked off. Tessa, man that
girl. I don't know whats up with that one. She was like
really cool when she just had a guy or neither of us did,
but now that I do and she does to, she ain't cool like
anymore. I don't get it. I mean, usually I'm cool with her
and all, but here lately she's really been gettin on my
last nerve. She's like an itch I just can't scratch. After
a while it just gets irritating. Matt has been really nice
to me lately. I'm cool with that and all, but ain't nuttin
goin to EVER happen with that one. He's a friend and that's
all. I make that clear every time he calls me (every
night). I'm so dedicated to Chris it's not even funny. He's
the BEST thing to EVER happen to me. I mean EVER. Hell,
everybody knows that one. Change of subject. Here lately
I've been missin grandpa. I know why to, but I really miss
him. I just cry sometimes cause I miss him so much. Heck,
like now. I'm 'bout ready to cry just writin 'bout it. He
went so fast, and now he can't see everything that is going
on in my life. All the good things that has come about. I
wish he could see all that and so much more. Well, enough
whinin! I'm out!

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