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2001-08-23 04:33:40 (UTC)

it hurts to have a crush

everyone who has liked some one or had a crush or
even been in love knows that sometime along it hurts.
i REALLLY SUPER like Derick ( i learned how to spell
his name) but i got to know him a lot over this last
weekend cuz our Youth group went camping. it was a
lot of fun, i flirted w/ Derick A LOT
he is soooo cute and looks soooo fine w/o his shirt.
but thats beside the point. But Derick knows that i like
him ALOT, he sometims uses it to his advantage like
using my towel to dry himself off and licking my Sprite.
or eating my Cheerio during the nite game. but he does
a lot of good tings, like trying to help win the nite game,
and he always "u soo pretty" in this girly voice ITS
SOOO CUTE!!!! and he asks me to rub his knee and
stuff like that. he always encourages me during the
games!!! i like him alot
i am really excited about this fall even though he DOES
NOT attend my skool its still all good, cuz i can focus
more on skool, v-ball and on God!!! Derick is also a
Christain!!!! he is almost toooo perfect!!!
so yeah thats the newest dirt
bye all
luv ya lots and lots