Procrastination is Key
2002-11-29 03:04:15 (UTC)

turkey day:-p

I dont really like turkey all that much so its too bad that
is what we HAVE to have. I thought we usually got a ham
too, but not this year. Luckily its not really a problem
since there is so much other food around- I got full off
all that other stuff before I could even finish my plate
But I probably made up for it with dessert. I had apple pie
AND chocolate fudge cake- but in my defense they were both
very small pieces:-p So anyway- its about 10:00 and I'm
totally worn out from not doing a thing all day long. The
rest of the time I am home I need to study lots and lots-
have a test on tue when I get back to school. Plus I need
to learn the organic that I failed to learn for the last
test, plus the stuff we have been working on recently. So
basically its gonna suck, and I'll need to take some fun
breaks here and there:-p alright- while i wait for michael
to call i guess my task is to look for cheap airfare to NY
for christmas. I'm gonna be all over the eastern seaboard
this break:-p