The Story of Me
2001-08-23 04:02:47 (UTC)

Back Home...

Got home today. It's always good to be home after you have
been out of town. Weird as that sounds. There are some days
where I just can't wait to get out of here. But there is
something comforting about being home. I like it. Not that
I wanted to leave. I could have survived in Kristy's
closet. Goodbyes were brief, and that was a good thing I
guess. I hate goodbyes, and I'm not good at them. But
Kristy had a bus to catch to go to Darien Lake, and Rusty
and I had a long car ride home. So I'm hoping that Darien
Lake took Kristy's mind off us leaving. I hate seeing her
cry. It tears me up inside. I hate seeing her hurting.
Because when she hurts, I hurt. And I've held up pretty
well until now...until I got an e-mail from her. Made me
cry. Now I'm all stuffed up. *sniff sniff*. But it was a
good cry, a happy cry. It's good to know that we are so
close. I've never had a friend like here, and she means the
world to me. I love her more than I could ever tell her.

But I had a great time. i can't wait to go and visit again.
Just dreading the car ride of course. It's too long. they
need to make about 250 miles of highway just disappear.
That would shorten the drive by about 4 hours. 7 hours is
too long in a car!! I would rather fly.

But I am tired. I didn't get much sleep last night, so
tonight has to be an early one. And i have to babysit my
brothers in the morning, so that will be fun. GRRRRRR!!!

Hope to start writing more often. Goodnight to everyone.

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