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2002-11-29 01:32:32 (UTC)

Turkey Day Tears

Here it is....November 28, 2002. Turkey day. I have until
December 19th before I get my Timmy back hopefully. We wont
go any further than to say " we're on break " cus I really
miss him and i dont want to get into the whole thing. But I
think I can get my baby back. I was stupid to let it get
this far out of hand. and with what I've experienced
lately...Im not going to get anyone like Timmy. I miss his
smile, his laugh, his personality, and the amazing times I
had just hanging out with him. the last few months werent
that great, and I know why. We need to start all over. I
hope that is what this break is for. I hope I can win him
back. I think i can. He talks to me on the phone. He
actually called me last night which was like a dilemma all
in its own. We wont go into that. Anyway, yea I've been
having fun lately...but I just cant help but miss him. I
chill with the girls a lot. With this whole mono scare,
with 2 ppl I was closely hanging out with last weekend at
convention..I just hope I dont get a nasty case of it. It's
not like I kissed them so I should be okay. Anyway...yea
convention was awesome. Im really excited about next year
too...Im going to run for state and be an officer and Im
really gonna bust my butt to be good with this whole
thing. :) Im ready...bring it on. I was just checking out
my boy-ee ELLO's new updated site. WOW it's so amazing. Im
in love with his ability to make digital art and write
poems. He is so talented. One day he is going to make a
woman a VERY happy wife. I just hope he gets someone that
he deserves. Poor Ello.....stuck in such a small town with
such ig town capabilities. God I need to get high.
Seriously.....more later.