Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-08-23 03:51:40 (UTC)

A beutiful red dress!

I went to the mall today to help my mom with the store, and
between helping her and watching the counter while she went
potty or did some other manager shit, i went around to
stores scoping stuff out, i found this one kickin' red
dress with sparklies and everything, and its so pretty, its
perfect, it fits like its made for me! I think that, if i
do go to the opera, since i am going solo, I will have to
treat myself to that dress.
I have always wanted to go to the opera, and now the
school, chorus acctually, is selling tickets for 3, and I
am going to at least 2. I dunno, I guess I still have that
whole wish to be like the whole "Pretty Woman" scene. That
dont look like its going to happen, but I think that if I
am able to put that though to the back of my mind, I may be
able to enjoy myself!
Ya wanna hear something weird? A couple of people,
recently, have told me that they can see me and matt
together, *sticks out tounge* YUCK!! How pathetic is that?
I dont think i will ever be able to be with matt like that.
No, I think, for a while at least, I will be flying solo,
cause the one guy that I like, only sees me as a friend,
but hey, no hurt feelings, I am not going to act any
different, cause thats how it normally is...I am used to
GOD! I cant get that red dress out of my head, i am going
ot show it to my mom fri, but we dont have the $ for it at
the moment. I suppose i will have to get a job soon! :( i
dont think i will be able to handle one this year though,
senior year and i have 10 periods worth of classes,
seriously, one study hall every other day for the first
semester, and thats all, no lunch even! Oh man, this is
going to be one tough year! I just hope that i pass, and
I bought my parents there anniversery present, well i
ordered it at least, i will have it by fri. Its a silver
plated cilinder to hold there marrige certificate in, when
i get 10.70 i will get it engraved, it will be so cute, and
i hope that they like it, cause they are so hard to buy
for, esspecially as a couple. They can be so cute at times,
and other times they act younger than i, and i feel like i
am baby sitting a couple of oversized swearing kids. But i
guess i love them anyways.
Red Dress! Its so pretty!! I still want a TEDDY!!! and a
red dress that looks like a dorathy slipper!
okay ta ta for now!

ps- thought of the day:
Right now, at a cellular level, we are all having sex
right now, and if you ask me, i am liking it!!