Fins Talk and Other Thoughts
2002-11-29 01:14:16 (UTC)

Opening Day--Thursday, 28 November 2002 8:09pm

Today was Thanksgiving and it just didn't feel like it.
My grandmother went to visit my father and spend the night
at his house. She did eat with us, though. The food was
great, but there was just something wrong. I don't think
I can put my finger on it. Mom and Susie and a bunch of
her friends are going shopping tomorrow without me since I
have to work, and that kind of sucks. I suppose it's
better that I work and get paid, but sometimes, you just
need to go shopping. Guys don't seem to have that need.
It's tradition that we shop the day after Thanksgiving
very early in the morning. Yes, we are those people
Anyway, I have to grow up and deal with my new
responsibilities as an adult. I have to go to work. I
can't call in. Well, so much for my first entry being
interesting and exciting. I hope everyone had a great

Until next time . . .

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