miss sassy badassy

well...aren't we sassy?
2001-08-23 03:51:12 (UTC)

a fresh start......

today is my fresh start. i have to get used to using my
computer as my journal, because it is so easy to erase
words after they are typed, where as in my hand written
journal the words are basically written in stone. there is
no going back and changing words feelings or whatever shit
i have in there. so this is a change of pace. entitled a
fresh start..because thats what today was all about,
danille moving on to college, her finally realizing she has
an eating disorder, while its a fresh start for me
also...went to the doctors on monday..and i have lost 20
pounds since i was there in january...woo effin hoo for
me.. i have finally realized that i can do this.if i lost
20 pounds whit out even trying...just imagine what i can
acomplish if i do actually try. i registerd for school on
monday also...i am ready to go back. the intuition that i
had about.."once one thing falls in to place...i will be
fine..and happy" was completely right. life is so good for
me right now. i can complain about a many of things. but
instead, as i usually do, im not taking the little things
for granted, and i can appreciate the little things. its
alwyas the little thigs that make me happy.

"you always make me happy"....well wasn't that nice of him
to say. yes i have fallen. for him. i have never said it
outloud...or written it anywhere. so now that its finally
out there, its kind of scary. i guess i just have to keeo
working on improving myself before i try and even get
involved with him. or anyone else. i really have fallen for
him. its simply par for the course with me, that i have met
him in the way that i have. he amazes me in everyway
possible. i can talk about him for hours. i can talk to him
for hours..which i usually do. i have had a lot more to say
then he has latley, he has been a man of a few words
latley..but when he does speak, i am amazed and completely
taken. he just has this pull and hold over me. it has taken
longer then expected..i usually feel this way right from
the start...but given the circumstances, its understanbale
that it had taken a wee bit more time.

enough words words words for tonight...
*the one and only miss sassy bad assy*