the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2002-11-29 00:59:09 (UTC)


who cares if I spelled it right .. ne ways so yeah how is
this for a thanksgiving .... My familly didn't come down
and yeah ... and so I spent the day with Tiff and like that
was cool b/c her family is way nicer than mine .. all mine
do is get drunk , loud and obnosious and tell stories about
the Deer that got away .. if u can't tell I am from
Arkanasas.. thats right Im not inbreed but hey I know some
people that are .. how sad right .. yeah but ne ways so I
heard that my Cuz Brooke had a kid and like she doesn't
know who the dad is .. well I guess she does but she only
knows him by his little street /gang name .. its like Baby
dog or snoopy or something .. speaking of which I was
Talking to Mark and my new gasng name is Magruff and his is
smokey .. yeah know like that dog the drug dog and umm that
Bear .. the one that is the like Fire starter or
something ... yeah .. but I was thinking and I don't wanna
go to college .. I just wanna chill at home and like never
do anything b/c yeah I am getting really tired of being all
smart and shit .. yeah I am just a dreamer .. I dream my
lifer away .. *a little Ozzy for ya * :) .. so I was
thinking about my past and ya know I could never go back to
Arkansas .. to many bad people and memories .. humm so what
do u do when u can't go home .. when u don't know where
your heart is .. ya know that saying home is where the
heart is .. humm .. so yeah I dunno I am gonna go .. later

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