The Shadow of Myself
2001-08-23 03:44:54 (UTC)

I'm settling...

So I'm here at miami.. right? haha... anyway.. I've at all
my classes once so far. I guess they seem as good as they
could for the first day. It was sorta stressful and
stuff. I think it's not going to be a breeze or anything..
but I don't think it's going to be too bad. At least I
know where all my classes are now.. and how I can get to
them.. so that is a big plus.. good times. I think I know
at least one person in each of my classes now too.. so that
is good.

Another fun thing is I got an awesome job! I'm going to be
working in the costume shop for the theatre dept. So
basically I get to be in the coolest place ever.. and
like.. I will totally increase my chances for getting a
part in a play or something. I a little bit excited.. ok
I'm really exited. I'll be there like 9 hours a week or
something.. so thats not bad at all.

Another thing.. apparently I'm a really picky eater...
haha. I don't really like much of the food here at all.
Of course I haven't been to all the dining halls yet.. but
I'm just not that excited about all the food. I don't
know.. I'm a dork. haha

I'm starting to be more of myself now.. so that is good.
My sense of humor is starting to come out.. and people are
starting to catch on to it. I don't know.. I guess only
like certain types of people really appreciate it or

So I guess in general I'm starting to settle in.. things
are becoming routine.. and I'm getting to know some other
people. Just keep me in your prayers please.. :)