Bridget Cole

Bridget's Universe
2001-08-23 03:28:40 (UTC)

Good News / Bad News

Wednesday 8/22/01

Well I did it! They had the perfect silver Eclipse on the
dealer's lot last night. I knew as soon as I drove it that
I was going to buy it. I didn't get the price I wanted,
but I got more on my trade-in than I expected so it worked
out quite well. That is the good news.

The bad news is the continuing saga of Cindy and Paul. I
called Cindy last night when I got back home to see if she
would level with me. I didn't tell her that Paul had
called me earlier. I told her I was going to Chicago this
weekend and that I was going to surprise mom with a visit.
Cindy asked me to not say anything to mom about her and
Paul. I gave her every opportunity to tell me what was
going on, but she avoided the subject. I asked her
directly what the hell was going on? She started trashing
Paul. Saying that he has no interest in sex and that when
they do have sex that it lasts for 5 minutes and then he
falls asleep. She said that she has tried to do things to
spice things up, but nothing works. She said she is not
going to stay in a loveless and sexless marriage.

I asked her if she was seeing anyone. She told me that she
is not seeing anyone currently, but that she has not been
faithful. I asked her is she was going to file for a
divorce and she said that eventually she will, but that she
wants to find a job first. I asked her if Paul knew she
had been unfaithful and she said that he did, but she
didn't go into details. Finally I told her that Paul had
called and told her what he had said. I told her that Paul
said he was going to fight her for the kids. She was
shocked and probably embarrassed. She said Paul was still
acting like he wanted to work things out. She said she had
to go and hung up.

I had to see my attorney today. I had to get an opinion on
the exclusivity agreement they want all the employees to
sign at the gym. She said that the agreement was too
restrictive and that there is no way they could recover
damages if I did private personal training with clients
that I met at the gym. She advised me to go ahead and sign
it though and be discreet with my activities. She said
that the gym was within their rights to ask employees not
to compete with them for business and that they could
terminate people who violated the policy, but it was
unlikely that they would actually try and recover damages
from anyone in civil court. She said that if they did
press a lawsuit that it would be tossed out.

I ended up going for a long drive in the afternoon. The
car is very sporty and fast. At one point I looked down at
the speedometer and I was going nearly 90 miles per hour.

I stopped at Nordstroms on the way home to do some shopping
and ran into Sally Pierce. Sally is an administrative aid
at the grade school where I teach. She is a snobby busy
body. Her husband is a big executive for a large company.
She only works so that she can irritate people. She surely
doesn't need the money. I was pleasant and said hello to
her. She asked me if John and I had gotten back together.
I told her that I was a free agent and was having too much
fun to get involved with just one guy. That is sure to get
her talking. She got a good look at my ankle tattoo. Her
mouth actually dropped open when she saw it. I know she
was dying to ask me about it. She started to tell me about
some of the other teachers from work. Gossip. I abruptly
told her I had to go and walked away. I wish I had the
nerve to tell her what I really think of her.

I bought a new bra and a really cute baby sleeper and
blanket for a baby shower that is coming up in a couple of
weeks. The baby clothes are so cute.

I signed on to my hotmail account for the first time in
several days. There are dozens and dozens of emails from
people who have been reading my diary. The feedback is
both interesting and flattering. There is no way that I
can answer it all. It feels a little strange to know that
people are reading this stuff. But I like it.

Time to sign off. Big Brother is coming on tonight. I am
addicted to this show.