Silver web spun of a twisted imagination
2002-11-28 23:36:14 (UTC)

Update on my life

If anyone cares, I started dating again.
Yeah on that early release Friday a few weeks ago, nearer
the beginning or middle of this month, I spent the day at
Stuart's house and watched movies. We watched Erik the
Viking, which was really funny, Hedwig and the Angry Inch,
a very funny but touching musical, Sleeping Beauty (the
animated Disney version), Amelie, a french film with
English subtitles that I liked a lot, and the first half of
Interview With A Vampire, which was also very good although
we had to leave in the middle of it. By then, it was 11:30
and I needed to be home by midnight. For anyone who cares
and doesn't already know, Stuart (or Buck, as many call
him) is a really nice guy I met last year through
Meredith. He's playing Hamlet in Hamlet so I see him at
rehearsal all the time. I think it was the weekend before
last that we went for sushi and saw The Ring, which was a
very scary horror movie that I looked away from half of the
time. Another fun evening.
Last weekend I went to Brittany's house on Saturday and
spent the day with her. We went to the parade at Waterside
and met up with Chris Tumminelli and his friend, Justin.
We'd been hanging out with them earlier in the day because
they live on either side of Brittany. After the parade, I
went with Brittany's family to Pizza Hut, them got clothes
from my house, and spent the night with Brittany. We went
to church on Sunday morning and, since it was Youth Sunday
or some such, I was recruited to sing with the youth
Imagine me, pagan/wiccan that I am, singing "I am a
masterpiece (created by God)" and "Come and See What God
Has Done" at the top of my lungs. Go on, try it It was
fun though, I like singing, and Deity by any name is still
Deity, so it was cool. But what was really funny was the
effort I put into it, with Brittany. We sang out, trying
to get the other kids to match us in volume. And this guy
at Brittany's church kept elbowing me. Very strange.
Anyway, those have been my weekends lately. Rehearsals for
Hamlet are going to be every day except Thursday, which is
good because I've got Cupola on Thursday. I'm no longer
necessary at rehearsals except for runthoughs but I'm going
to go anyway except Wednesdays for FPS because so many
people aren't showing up and the cast needs people to be
Anyway, there's an update on my recent activities. Later,