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2002-11-28 23:35:02 (UTC)

turkey day

well mexican day really. for i had mexican he he he
tomrow when my sister comes down then we'll have turkey
yay i went online this morn. and sent everyone and e-
card all my good friends that is, and my sister, and my
love mike. last nigh i told carl i didn't love him.. and
he went insane.. then mike finnaly made me happy then
carl talked to me again yelling at me ::sigh:: oh well its
turkey day no one can ruin my day la la la la la .. i
painted gingerbread ordements today, played zelda, played
mario party, looked through the flyers, mmm , drew two
picture.. and i don't know what eles. but i did alot
today. i talked to mike this morn but hes not on right now
hes probly get drunk at his grams.. ::sigh::.. oh well..
i've only had champange once at my grandparents 50th
anniversare but it was mearly a sip mmm okie soo i hope
anyone who reads this has had a happy turkey day. me and
my mommy are going shopping tomorow i'm gonna get a bunch
of cds cause circuit citys having a sale where every cd is
9.99 :) yay. my fingur hurts ...still.. yesterday i was
getting my lotion off the floor nand this wood chip stabed
undernieth my fingure name and it bleed like crazy mad ..
the mexican was good.. mommy got a lil mad cause the dias
stuck to the pan. so she was pissed the dog ren down the
street fucking dog .. so now he'll get diareah.. i hope i
won't have to pick it up .. i hate dogs.. i miss my
kittys .. i'm gonna call corinne probly on.. sun. that
will be kool . i haven't talked to her for like 3 or 4
weeks. shes soo awsome lol. shes one of my best friends.
ten bucks says she's having chinnesse food for
thanksgiving lol cause she has for like 3 years in a row
lol.. i should go my mommy wants me to find something
online for her then i'm gonna go one neopets love you
all expecially mike