Lesbian bullshit
2001-08-23 03:23:37 (UTC)

Dream, Interesting, Odd

I just thought I'd share an amazing dream with my
diary, so here it is.

I'm pretty sure I'm bisexual-moving on to becoming
completely lesbian but anyways...Last night as soon
as I got off the internet with accouple of
friends and went to bed (at around 5 or 6 a.m.)
I had a dream about three different scenes. If I
remember correctly the first dream was kind of
odd, I knew a girl named
Melissa in actual real life and for along time
now shes been a girl whos been someone I deeply
admire-want-I feel incredibly sexually obsessed with
her but up until I had this dream I hadn't even
thought of her. this first part of my
dream we(Melissa, her friends, my friends, and I)
were in some kind of dance auditorium and I was
standing outside in the hallway
with accouple of friends when Melissa passed by
with like two of her own friends. Now I don't
know what got into me but as soon as I looked
at her I ran over to her and pushed her up
against the lockers leaning in trying to kiss her
but instead she pushed me away and then took my
hand and pulled me back into the dance auditorium
staring seductively into my eyes, where she then put two
hands gently upon my
face and almost kissed me but instead she sat
down and started talking about how she wanted to
kiss me but she was kind of scared or she
thought it would be kind of weird (with another
girl and all). So in that sence I told her that
everything would be ok, I wasn't gunna hurt her
and yaddy yaddy yadda, just then I turn around
and in a second she was gone being led into the
crowd of people dancing by one of her friends. So
I lost her for awhile...Here comes the second part
of my dream...
Ok somehow I then end up laying down upon
the floor at my old school just staring at two
girls that I know in real life that went to my
old school one of them-(named Ellona, she was a
girl that I was head over heals for, and I
basically wanted her more than anyone I had ever
knew, but I wasn't like in-love with her or
anything)-was glancing back over at me, just then I
turn away and shes on top of me (weird huh? I
know) whispering into my ear saying "You know what
Alexi, you made me realize something the other
day," and I said "Whats that?" and she goes "I
realized that I'm bi," and I kinda giggled or
something and said "Yea whatever," or something
like that. Well anyway...while she was on top of
me I was feeling horny as hell, my arms were
wrapped around her and I just wished that
something other than that could've happened but
instead she just kissed me on the cheek...Thats
where the last part of this little dream comes
Ok, now I realize the whole dream goes back
to the first part of my dream (Melissa) but its
kinda just like being continued, I'm
sitting down on like a bench table telling one of
my friends about what happened between Melissa and
I when she pulled me into the dance auditorium
earlier and I'm sitting there going blah blah
blah, I don't exactly remember much except
the part where my friend said something and I
replied "Well Melissa's amazing, shes incredible, I
want her sooooo bad. Shes sooooo hot!" Then I
look behind my friend and I see Melissa staring
at me in a nervous or disgusted way. She puts
something into her purse and storms out of
the "eating place" while I chase after her, when
I finally catch up with her I pull her over to
and turn her around facing my direction...thats
about all I remember, I do remember her saying
something to me but I don't exactly recall what
she said.