Life In Munchkin Land
2002-11-28 22:46:40 (UTC)


First of all happy Turkey day...Poor turkeys..Take the time
now to have a moment of silence for all those poor
unfortunate Dead Turkeys in the tummys of all americans
really like this one guy..and i think he kinda has it
figured out by now..But he has a gf... :( I guess we all
cant be lucky...I dont know what i am going to do..He is
seriously the nicest guy i ever met and one of the hottest
hehe...and he has the cutest eyes ever OmG they just are
so gorgous that they make you melt..You guys have no idea
what i feel right now..Im happy because we actually get
along...i just wish he knew...OK NEVERMIND not gonna go
there..But I wrote a poem and i though i might share it..

Seeing you for the first time changed me for a life time.
When our eyes met I knew I would be safe out of harms reach.
The vibes I felt from you made me go weak in the knees.
I wondered what could this mean?
Your touch, your look, your mind is all rather remarkable.
I keep you in my mind every moment of every day since we met.
When we're together my world changes,Its just you and I.
You made me realize the other side of me.
I never knew I could feel like this about anyone.
Life never went on so well until you came in it.
The countless times Ive thought of you while doing things
that did not even pertain to you.
But I guess I should stop thinking about you because I know
in all reality what I feel is just a dream and will never
come true...
Its only a wish never to be granted.

OK PATETIC I KNOW No need to tell me..but thats exactly
how I feel..Am i ever going to wake up from this nightmare
of not having you..WHY? Why cant I ever get anyone as good
as you..Why do i also get stuck with jerks..Why am I the one
always to end up in the dust.Why Why WHY? If anyone can
answer me that would Terrific...Well I guess that is
possibly all i can write for now..soo cyall