Hair Of The Dog
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2001-08-23 03:18:23 (UTC)

babes and dirty old me...

This one real sexy chick invited me to her birthday bash at
a hotel room in town, which just happens to be down the
street from the pub I work in, so kickarse! She's in my
politics class, and all the guys here are in love with her,
she's cool I reckon. Got a very nice body on her, but she's
a nice chick too, she's not all bigheaded and up herself,
she's really friendly. She's turning 18, and I'm 20, so
that's not too bad an age dif, don't know whether I'd date
anyone under 18 though. Wish I was 16 again sometimes, I
have on a few occasions gone into my old high school to
chase up different shit, mainly a reference from my old
English teacher. There are a heap of sexy arse chicks at my
old high school, I feel like a dirty old man when I go there
sometimes, eyes boggling outta my skull at these bewdiful
blonde 16-17yo chicks with arses so tight you wonder how
they take a shit outta them. Friggin hell, you must have to
be gay to teach at that school I swear! It'd be the only
thing that could possibly prevent the teachers sexually
harrassing the students. Personally I think the clothes
these little babes wear are indirect sexual harrassment in
themselves. Sometimes I wonder whether it's legal to wear
skirts that short. It's so funny watching them try to get up
off a bench at one of the undercroft tables, as soon as they
move their skirt rides up and it takes em ages to get up
without flashing their knickers (or g-string!) to the guys.
Wish there were more nice chicks at Uni, there's too many
ferals. No shit, some of the women here are hairier than I
am, just looking at their armpits makes me feel inadequate.
But it's okay, apparently it's "natural". HAH! I guess so,
but I bet they could turn a starving Somalian off their tea.
It's a tragedy, the hippies here need to shave more than the
guys I reckon. OH well, who needs em, I'm invited to the
hotel room of a very hot chick. Heheheh maybe I can give her
a happy birthday. Oh dear oh dear I'm such a dirty old
man... ciao everyone...

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