Faerie Onyx

Tis The Faerie
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2002-11-28 21:20:57 (UTC)

... stupid people...

I have a boyfriend, and I love him more than anything. I
would never leave him for anything or anyone. So why do
people keep telling me they're "in love" with me?

Of the two most recent, the first was a friend of mine who
used to date my ex girlfriend. (Jamie and I broke up, by
the way... Maybe I should explain that...) He lost his
virginity to an older girl, and she broke his heart soon
after. He still loves her, and she calls him sometimes,
and everytime he talks to her he ends up crying. He cries
to me about it, and then thanks me for being there for
him. Somewhere in there, he started to like me a lot. He
knows I'm with someone who makes me happy

The second was a person I've known since Middle School. I
used to like him a lot, but about 8 months ago, he started
going out with my ex best friend. They're so perfect for
each other, she's liked him as long as I have. At the
beginning of the school year, he started liking me a lot.
One Friday (always referred to as "that one Friday"), I
was at my friend Ariel's house, and he came over to see
me. We hung out, and I *almost* kissed him, but then I
realised what I was doing, and how HORRIBLE that would be,
so I stopped myself.
He told me later, that when he returned to his house that
night he was thinking about breaking up with his girlfriend
and asking me out. How stupid is that? Then a few nights
ago... Two, I believe... He was talking to me about how
unhappy he was with her, and then he asked me how much I
love Sonny. I felt... something bad... about to happen,
but I didn't lie to him, I told him that I love Sonny more
than anything. He then asked if that meant that I loved
him too much to break up with him. Of course it does
I'll never let him go... especially not after what he told
me last night ^.~
After a few minutes, my ex friend's boyfriend (I don't
think they broke up... yet...) said, "I Love You." I
said, "luv ya tew" but as an afterthought, I
added, "wait... in which way?" and he responded, "in the
love way." He can't love me That's ridiculous.
Absolutely ridiculous He's supposed to love her, not me
I really don't want her to hate me... So pretty much I
told him off, and he said that he wasn't sure if we could
still be friends because it would hurt him too much. It's
not like I can't handle that shit, I've hurt so many people
in my life it doesn't really even matter to me anymore. He
doesn't mean THAT much to me.
Plus, I love Sonny more than anything, and I'll never let
him go...