Unicorn Dreams
2001-08-23 02:53:38 (UTC)

I found something!

I found two telephone books to carry with me while I go
walking. I'm sure if I go walking twice a day with two
telephone books, I'm sure I could loose weight faster.

I'm such a failure. I should be skinny now. If I had eaten
right from day one I wouldn't be like this and Bill would be
much more satisfied with me. What a fucking ugly whale I
am. I don't care. I'm not stopping until I'm really really
small. I'm pretty sure, he'd be happy to be seen with me.

Right now, all we do is sit at home and watch t.v. He
doesn't introduce me to his friends, or the people he works
with. He probably tells them at work that I'm his mom or
something. How humiliating. Or maybe he tells them I'm his
wife's older sister.

Every time I look in the mirror, I hate that fat ugly
monster that I see. I've always thought I'd be a single mom
for the rest of my life. Now I'm the scary monster that who
knows why he married me. It definately wasn't for my looks
or my money. Both areas are pityful.