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2001-08-23 02:45:38 (UTC)

Such A Stone

You came to me,
Sought me out;
And I in kind responded.
For a while a spring of parchment
Flowed between us,
And in this time
We danced
Upon the shore of the sea
Of lovers.

We took a boat, one misted evening,
Across this merry lake,
To a grand ball on the other side.
Here we twirled, happy,
For all to see, and in us,

Dawn, Day, Evening,
And the tide of letters
Resumed their ebb and flow.
And in one missive, you undertook
To lay, of all your burdens, the heaviest
Upon my shoulders.
Such a stone I bore
As best I could, but soon buckled
Beneath that glorious weight.

At this time you looked at your feet,
And, seeing that they had become damp
In the morning's waves,
Took divorce yourself of me,
Leaving me to battle both
The rising waves
And your gift-stone.

But I survived;
Shrugging off your poisonous rock,
I rose to the surface to take breath,
And there finding a friend,
Who lent me shoulder,
Where I mourned for the bit of life I had lost to you.

I saw you again,
At the temple,
But you took up silence against me.
I saw you again,
At the university,
But you brushed past, not seeing me there.
I saw you again,
In the market,
And this time, you forced a smile, a tiny smile.
I saw you again,
In a dream,
And you explained that you could not speak to me any longer,
That I was a pain to you.

I have not seen you since,
But perhaps this is best,
For what should we say to the other
That would not wound so deep?