Nephanie's Life
2002-11-28 19:39:04 (UTC)


Yah...i was really hyper this morning...idk why...but my
mom woke angela and me up and we went to K-Mart...I didn't
take a shower or anything lol....i just grabbed some clean
clothes put them on and left...didn't even brush my
hair...i looked like i was stoned out of my
mind...yah...then stacey came over with Robeto...and you
know my dad never bitches...he got all pissed off at me b/c
I didn't ask Robert if he wanted to watch a movie with and my mom were watching the sub text of a
dvd...and umm robert was watching it with us but he said he
wanted to watch santa so he left...then my fucken dad comes
in and bitches, "Why didn't ask robert to watch this movie
with you?" And umm we wacthed the actually movie the
other night with dad is all pissed off at me
and blah blah blah blah...he acts like i care...I wonders
if he notices that i umm hate him.....Oh this morning he
was mocking me b/c i'm fat...yup...but anyways...Happy

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