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Trixies in the Wind
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2002-11-28 18:52:53 (UTC)

"...Nothing is perfect, thats the way it must be..."

"... tThis is as good as it gets, and thats alright with
me." - Will Carpenter

So yeah, I screwed up. I screwed up bad. Im not who I
used to be, I knwo that. I've changed alot, and taken a
road I probably shouldnt have. But you know what, I did.
And I fessed up where I should have a long time ago. And
Im ready and willing to take the consequences of that.
Right now, I feel like Ive lost two of the most important
people in my life. I know itll take awhile for them to
come back to me, and thats okay. Nothing will be the way
it was before, but thats okay too. There is nothing I can
do to fix this. All I can say is Im sorry I hurt you.

Once upon a time I thought I knew you
Once upon a time I thought I saw
I thought that you would let me into your heart
But sadly, I was wrong

Once I thought I had a friend
Someone I could trust and rely on
But youre just like everyone else
And sadly, the world goes on

It doesnt matter if Im bleeding
It doesnt matter if Im torn
What matters is I hurt her
And I need to give her time to mourn

Mourn what was never there
Mourn the bond we used to share
Mourn the fact that I am gone
And that I did her wrong

Once upon a time i thought I knew you
Once I thought I had a friend
But I fessed up where you couldnt
And sadly, everything had to end

Despite what may happen in our lives, life does go on.
Whether with you or without you.

Im not willing to let life move on without me. I will
learn from this, we will all learn from this.

No matter how much its going to hurt.

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