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2002-11-28 18:43:27 (UTC)

My fun Night

Well Last night i talked to Bryan and he seriously freaked
me out because I love him so much, and he is acting so
different lately. I don't know what it is. I really wish
that I was there with him instead of here in Vegas. So I
was freaked out the whole night. I told my mom that I was
going to spen the night at Jennifers house and she said yes
but i spent the night at this one kids house we could go do
shrooms but I ended up not doing them because I was upset
and I didn't wanna have a bad trip. So we all got hella
faded instead. 1 bottle of vodka 2 bottles of puckers and
5 people. Thats a lot of hard alcohol. Then Lauren left
and it left Nicole, Dj, Me and John. Oh how fun. John is
an ugly as whigger and Nicole and Dj spent the whole night
having sex. Johns room is haunted so I was hella scared
plus I had to sleep in the same bed as John and He kept
trying to get on me but I told him to leave me the hell
alone or I would fucking shove my foot so hard up his ass
his mama would feel it. But anyways now i'm freaked out
and nervouse b/c I don't wanna lose Bryan. Plus it's
thanksgiving and I'm Hungover. Yeah me. Lol. But I gotta
go chill love everybody.

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