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2002-11-28 16:54:07 (UTC)

hahahaa 80's

o last tuesday me and my friend chelsea dressed up in
8o's cloths (if woundering where we found them ,they were
in her moms closet lol) we went to school in regullar
cloths then changed in the school bathrooms. our friends
laughed pretty hard we had a crowd around us-looking at our
cloths and laughing- all day we were walkin in those taky got kinda old after a while i mean it wasnt all
that halariouse

but we got our art teach. to take a pic of us on top of a
table he took a couple of pics. he told us these were
definently gonna be in the yearbook haha cant wait to c it,
my mom got re-married last saturday it was a okay wedding
she is on her way to a cruise right now or is already there

well got nuthin better to say c-ya