a day in the mind of a drama queen
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2001-08-23 01:57:33 (UTC)


its the end. the end of the best summer i belive i'll
ever have in my whole life. theres is NO way im ever gonna
make friends like i have now. our group is the BEST. high
school is wrong. every1 turns... bad. i dont wanna go
bad. i wanna be ME. every1 over the age of 26 in my
family tell me high school builds up ur personality to be
the person u are destined to become. ok, so they didnt use
those exact pathetic words, but they mean the same. i dont
wanna change. i wanna stay being ME. i dont wanna make
new friends. but my sister was telling me about what
happened when she went to highschool. all her friends
turned wild. i dont wanna say that my friends would do
that, but if they did, id be sooooo emotionally crushed.
to see my friends fade away from eachother. i dont think
that will happen tho. only preppies turn wild, and my
friends arent preppies (thank goodness). well i g2 get
going to bed, school tomorrow. 11 hours until i walk
through those evil school doors... ill tell u bout
evrything l8er!