The Calamari Files
2002-11-28 16:28:26 (UTC)

Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony...

Tarnation, what is that quote from. Oh, I got it, The
Matrix. Well, good old Larry Fishburn was right, it's all
gone wrong, and in such a small space of time. :) Actually,
I'm being a bit melodramatic, but it's not been the best

It was all going well on the prospective man love front too-

When I left the library after doing my last (and first)
message I bumped into a very nice gay guy from last year
called Gaz, and we went for a drink together. Numbers were
exchanged, it's all good baby.

And i met a guy a couple of weeks ago at the London LGB
demonstration called Darren, and he's really nice too.

And on saturday I pulled a mosher bloke called Rik in
Jilly's Rock World. Can you Adam and Eve it?

But it all went wrong sometime tuesday morning, when i got
a small throat ache. In hindsite, could it have been the
dirty scary mosher? Anyway. "Ha" I said to myself, "Some of
Mr Strepsils excellent lozenges will remedy this", and i
set out to uni on tuesday with a pack in my bag for sucking

So we had a LGB meeting, and afterwards a few of us went to
the student bar (The Pav) to collect for Worlds Aids Day
(which is this sunday folks). And someone actually
said "No thanks, i don't want aids". Madness. By the time
i'd finished doing that i felt like i was on the brink of
death, and by 2am i was considering calling an ambulance.
But i got some advice from NHS Direct, and survived the
night. Queue last night (wednesday), probably the worst
night of coughing stomach acid mucus blood weird solid
blobs of flesh and finally vomiting ever made.

So anyway, im now at home in Fairhaven (hurrah)
convalescing with my newly prescribed antibiotics, hoping
they'll enable me to get the ability to swallow back by the
time Thanksgiving at Ryan's house comes round on saturday.
Good to be home.

But just to kick sand in my face when im down, who rings me
asking if i want to come out for a drink?
Darren. So i have to turn him down because i have a `poorly
throat`. Damn. But we had a nice little chat, definatly
meeting him next week.

But yeah, apart from that it's all good. :)