Nick's Journal
2002-11-28 15:43:38 (UTC)

Thanksgiving (good)

Basically there are two sides to everything and if
anything the holidays are no exception. this side is
the "nice" side of thanksgiving.
what's not to like about it?
stuffing, more food, stuffing, more food, stuffing.
mmmmmmmmmm. and of course those great relatives of yours
that you love. you know the ones i'm talking about. i'm
thinking of that crazy ass aunt everyone has that has done
every drug on the planet. you basically love her cos your
dad has to be nice to her even though she shows up at the
thanksgiving table stoned out of her mind. then you have
your really rich grandparent. no matter how much of a
bastard he/she is, you're nice to them. if they're
drooling mashed potatoes you wipe that shit off just to
show how much you love their money.....i mean them.
then of course you have the football.
the great thing about this holiday is how 19th century it
is. the guys pretty much expect to not have their bitch
bother them during this "sacred" time as they watch
football. and of course the women just LOVE to toil in
the kitchen, you know what i'm talking about. those
butterball commercials where the women are smiling like
deranged fucks just cos they're shoving a 14 lb. bird into
the oven.
and atleast for this one day you're with people you love
(or atleast don't despise)....not frat guys, no liberals
(except for that drugged out aunt of yours). unless
you're completely jaded you feel atleast a little bit of
gratitutde for who you are and where you are. atleast you
should let yourself feel that for atleast one day.
so to make it a good thanksgiving just do this:
help your girl out in the kitchen, so that she doesn't get
her panties in a bunch.
watch a little bit of football with your guy (i know you
hate it more than an olive green top with a hot pink
skirt) but just for one day, sit with him.......i promise
you he wants you there.
when you're at the table, no matter how small or how big,
don't sit there thinking "jesus i hate my relatives, how
am i related to these people?", but just talk to them all.
and if they're assholes move on to the next one.
maybe just one day you can forget about those that have it
better than you and those that have it worse.
enjoy your life for one day, maybe if you see how great it
is you might just do it everyday.