tøreméntéÐ whø®é

lost and nameless
2002-11-28 09:53:27 (UTC)


why is life filled with bullshit? y is everyone filled
with lies and despection.why is it that everytime i think
they care they just prove me wrong.why?why?why? nothing
makes sense.nothing has a connections.this thing called
life is beating me down.down to the ground.killing me
slowly and everso painfully.i dont know why i put up with
it sometimes.i just cant handle any of it.i feel like im
fading away.no sees me for me.im pissed cuz it happened
again.i found a boy.and yes like all the others i thoughed
i loved this boy.he wound his lies around me and i was
blinded from the truth.from anything.i know now i was
played,played like a card.played so well and
carefully.that i did not notice a thing.god the world
sucks love sucks it all sucks.my mum got me sum tarot
cards today and some world fusion type music.theres this
cd by nana its called daughters of the sun its seriously
good.the other two suck though.but ahh well.at least she
tried.i dunno but im bored as fuck and freezing to
death.ooh the joys of colorado :rolls her eyes: i think
one of these days im gonna wake up frozen.but w.e. :
starts belly dancing : that cd by nana makes me wanna
bellydance for sum odd reason.


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