Exposing My Dystopia
2001-08-23 00:56:34 (UTC)

good day...

yea, today wuz kool. i talked to john on the phone for
like 3 hourz. i really hope he duznt get in too much
trouble. i mean, i told him that he should go, well, then i
sed i didnt want him to go. so eh... ok i feel bad. well,
guilty..? i think. hm. beccaz here, shez over the other
side of the basement on the phone with ben, were talking
through walkie talkies even thought we could hear eachother
n e ways, itz pretty funny.
we just got back from the lake, not all of the dye was
washed out of my hair so i had green dripping down my face.
yea, talking to john was really nice today...

i feel bad for kauser, hez a good guy and hez havin
such a hard time with life, it isnt fair.

i dont blame him, hell, im so confused!