One hell of a life
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2002-11-28 09:39:14 (UTC)

11-28-02 entry nineteen is thanksgiving...diva's got some party
going on at her place even though its Thursday, and I'm
going. Lois is coming over at six and we'll leave at six
thirty...apparently there's about seventy ppl going
(hopefully over half are hot guys) but not shaun :(
Oh well. anyway. Jason's gonna be there, so we'll finally
talk, and so is joel, oscar, and daniel. I haven't spoken
to any of them yet. But yeah...
well anywAY...i cant be bothered to do my art hw...can you
believe we get art homework? RESEARCH.

Well i'm gonna go get ready for the party.

Later on...

It's ten, I have art to do, the party was cool. Jason is
so nice, we talked a lot ... he has blue eyes and sorta
curlyish hair. He's really nice, nice accent and voice.
Anyway, all the couples were there; Joel (oooh hot) and Sarah
were so cute, Meghan and Daniel were all over each other
literally (they were making out and he was like sucking on her
tongue) and Vivian and Jason were sweet. Even Diva's got a
guy to "fall back" on - she's going to the ball with whats
his name....Oscar. Who isn't really hot, but Kirst is so sweet,
she was going, "omg, look at him, he's gorgeous".

Oh and (what a majorly huge deal) I talked to Alan...well
not really. Okay hardly. Lois just asked him where Diego was
and he said he's in Suzhou. And I said "he lives there right?"
and Alan (looking soo cool and smiling) said "yeah, he does."

Okay that's pathetic.

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