jon's babie forever
2001-08-23 00:55:40 (UTC)


There, now I am caught up with choir tour entries and you
can see what happened and who this Jon guy is. What he is
is wonderful! I can't believe I actually used to think he
was a dork. That seems impossible now. When I got home from
tour I was determined to be his friend when I realized that
the answer was to wait and see if Jon and Shanna break up.
Yes, he has a girlfriend. So I will be patient and be his

Then last Sunday at church.

I was such a dork that morning. I went to church like usual
all pretty and everything. :) I went to my High School
group like usual and saw almost everyone there -- including
Jon and even Shanna. The service passed by like normal; fun
and moving. But then after that Jon passed by me THREE
times and I never ever said beans to him.

Oh, but Dot, you have to speak to him or how would he ever
like you, let alone be your friend? Yeah, I know all that.
I can't believe I did it myself. And two out of the three
times he was alone. I totally chickened out and I was
bummed out half the day. But the good part is that I will
see him this Sunday and now I am so determined to overcome
my shyness and at least say hi to the guy. My parents teach
Sunday School and Jon passes by the classroom every morning
to get to the High School group. I am always in there in
the morning so I can walk with him to High School group.
Yup, I know I had said this last time, but this time I will
do it. I will speak! I need major encouragement. But I know
I will get way nervous.