The Long Road Journals
2001-08-23 00:27:26 (UTC)

My day

Today i became a freshman. Just as it sounds a fresh start
for a fresh life. I will start my journal by saying a
little about myself. Furor, My name, Not ment to be
racially descrimminating but i feel this has summed up the
total turning point of my life. Until now i have been the
lost child, the one with few friends the one who was a
little to slow, a little no weird a little to this a little
to that... Now i make a chnage. This being the first day
and all was a good one. I felt that what i started today
will keep getting bigger and better, for what i started
today was a realationship. This is my first, as you can
read from before ive never quite fit in, but this girl
makes me feel wonderful. She is my everything she was the
one girl who treated me nice whne everyone shrugged me off
and said, who cares about him... he's strange. Well this
girl has been nice to me and im alrady afraid of losign
her, she has been seeing another boy for quite some time
now and i feel that she might go back to him. I really
love her and never want to lose her. I just want to fit in
and be normal so she will like me. I kn0ow people say let
people like you for who you are instead of what you want to
be, i say screw them. Life dosent work like a fairy tale
it has its turns and it has its troubles. I have had more
turns than most poeple have had in their entire lives, and
im only 15. I have a tight knit group for friends who are
the *popular kids at my school* they really descriminate
agianst anyone who is a *skank* or trash or the latter. I
feel theese people need to change, the girl like is not a
skank, she is not trash but she is a plain old nice girl.
I dont know why im really writing this but i feel that when
i write it lets me express something that i want to share
and havent for so many year sit ahs all built up, if you
like reading theese send some feedback ro any dating

Forever in the sands of time,