I have become comfortably numb
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2002-11-28 06:24:26 (UTC)

A lost soul and a troubled heart

I didn't even know you
But I feel the pain
Of your loss
I guess through proxy
Our souls intertwine
The impact of your words
Still hasn't been broken
Your soul, your memories
Have not been stoped
They still live on
And touch me and my love
Nothing will take away
The heartache and the sorrow
But your best friend
Has got up and lived to see
With me
I can't replace you
Hell, I don't even want to
But just know
I have taken things over
From here
No more pain, no more tears
No more regrets about
The broken years
You must have been worried
When you left this place
To young
I know you thought about how
He would go on
How he would bear to be able to
Even continue
But he has
Still the thoughts of times lost
And anger not yet taken away
Still haunt his troubled soul
But I gurantee you I will not
Hurt him
Never will I leave him alone
I didn't even know you
But I still feel the pain
Of your loss
I know your watchin now
Chris Speilman
and we don't have to worry
Because now your
a soul no longer lost

R.I.P.Chris Speilman

P.S. I love you Jeremy and I will never leave you and will
always be there for you baby.