Electric monkey
2001-08-23 00:00:02 (UTC)

8-22-01 [first day]

i woke up at 6 am today. which seems unreal, because for
the whole summer i woke up around 10am. then i was totally
unprepared to be with that many people in one hallway. My
high school is so crowded, which makes the passing periods
seem even shorter then they really are. getting through the
people takes 5 minutes.
my classes are ok,not great but ok, i like all my teachers, but then
i dont have many people that i actually know in any of my classes
[except yearbook, jessica]. oh well. i dont really mind all that
much, ill probably pay more attention if thats even possible. bleh.
in german it is funny, there are 2 seniors in there and the rest are
freshmen. it is me and troy stogstill [sp?] so at least i dont feel
too stupid being in a freshmen class, oh wait.....
physics might not be too bad, seems like the student teacher is nice
*wink*. although mr "blaid" doesnt seem too bad either. its just a
hard class i think... i dunno.. then computer graphics is funny too.
mrs mccall was really surprised to see me. she said that they had
said that under no sercumstances could someone repeat that class.
oops. well they gave it to me anyway and it looks like im getting a
credit, so yeah. i have no problem with it, although she will
probably grade my stuff a little harder, becuase ive been in there
before. she calls me her "ben". cause now i help her with everything,
computer wise, and ben helped her last year, or something like that.
=P Lunch with graham, anna p, and deanne, then alison [she was in
orchastras why i know her name] and some other girl, i dunno.
yearbook was nice. only class with one of my friends. cept english
with kai and paco!.....
anyways, thats all i can talk about because thats all my day has
been, obviously. i dont want to go to school, therefore i want this
year to be over, but then i dont want to go to college either, that
might be a problem huh? 6am here i come for another 10 months!