lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-11-28 06:20:33 (UTC)

ring ring ring

the phone keeps ringing but it's never the right person.
it's teresa, it's my grandpa, it's's none of the
ones i actually need to spill my guts to right
now...although i'll spill my guts to you if you want me to.
but not right here.

got a verbal beating tonight, quite out of the blue...and
found out that the boy got an even worse version of it.
oy. basically no one trusts anything i say and the boy i
need to talk to about it probably won't be calling me
anytime soon. and then my grandpa started going off
on me, telling me that i shouldn't go to the market alone
at night. and then i got a lecture for...crap i don't even
remember now...but it wasn't any good.

and my brother continues to bug me...he only pays
attention to me when he thinks he can squeeze out
some juicy info that'll get me into trouble in the near
future. it's his fault i got the verbal beating...well and a
lot of other people's. anyway, rumors are a nasty thing.
don't start them, don't spread them...even then, they
might get the best of you. why am i a rumor? i guess
that's one more reason i should be regretting what i regret it though? i don't think so.