Daily Confessions
2001-08-22 23:52:08 (UTC)

new car update

My 94 jetta is having a tiny bit of break troubles but
everyone I've called around to says it's only going to be
about 100 bucks. I'm taking it in friday to for a free
estimate and then, if possible my pop's friend is going to
fix the breaks and beat anyone's price... if i can get the
brakes done for less than a hundred bucks i'll have enough
money left over to fix that irritating buzz in the fan that
squeaks at me for the first 10 minutes of driving it. After
ten minutes it's silent again, so i'm not sure what the heck
it is but i think it's the fan for the ac.

i'm going to ask permission to go ride Shadow tonight, it's
FINALLY raining here in Oregon (what the hell, i know.).. i
have wanted, from the moment i got her, to go riding in the
mud... get all nice and dirty. mmmyes.

Shadow's my horse, a 3 year old appy filly.. she's flashy as
hell. i'll write on her later if i have anything to confess,
like falling off.

Confession #1: i promised Master i'd be home all night for
Him today, and now i intend to go else where. it's not a lie
really since i didn't intend to go until it started pouring
here. but it is breaking a promise. will see what He has
to say.

Confession #2: i'm so upset with my ex-sis. angelann was
really a nice person, i had a few complaints but over all i
was glad to have her as my collared sis. However it turned
out she was a liar and a manipulator, even to me who did
nothing but trust her and look after her. However, my
confession is i went to GrandMa'am instead of Master for
help. I was so pissed off with Him last night and it wasn't
really all his fault. i had hoverers around my back the
entire night eaves reading on my typing.. angelann came in
and started being a pest, then Master took my emmy to a
private whisper and made love to her there while i just sat
bored and angry in His cup. So it wasn't ALLLlll Him but at
the moment i didn't even want to THINK about what i might be
interrupting, so i went to Grand Mistress Tribas instead.
(she trained my Master so she is GrandMa'am to me) She
instructed me to take angelann's betrayal as a lesson to be
wary, particularly on the net, and with my heart. and also
to try and see past it so that i might learn more from her,
why she would do the things she did, etc... I'm going to
try but, while i don't normally hold grudges, this
particular circumstance is going to be difficult because she
hurt Master too.

#3 I let Master think He was to blame for everything because
it was comforting to be apologized to. That was very wrong.

--that's it for now, shits'n'giggles, aly