My Reality
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2002-11-28 05:04:54 (UTC)

call me crazy...

is there something mentally wrong with me?...i mean
seriously i freak out at the tiniest little
it is wednesday night, and i am scared to death taht i
might not get to see josh...i am freaking out..the whole
day i have thought well he hasnt gotten in touch with me
yet, our time is wasting away...ok great he doesnt like me
any more he has forgotten about me or the worst one of all
something horrible has happened to him...why do i freak
out like this..i guess its just something that i want
really badly but stll i should just have a lil more faith
and just excited...i really wanna see him..i
mean it has only been four months since i have seen him
and around a month since i have talked to him..i guess
there is a lil cause to worry but also a lil cause to be
excited..i gues all in all you could say that i am
justified in my current just ready...i just
wanna wrap myself around him and squeeze...i just wanna
touch him again...aaahhhh...god i hope i get to hear from
him soon or i will honestly cry..i will just sit down and
cry bc thats the way i work...i dont rationalize
things ...hell no...screw that...i just assume that all is
doomed and that life itself has lost all hope..for some
reason theres no grey area with or white..take
it or leave it...gee i shoud really work on that at some
point...but oh well i got enough to worry about trying to
figure out what to wear adn from what angle i should
pounce on josh if i actually do get to see him GOD I